Engineering Practices


FirstPass provides customers with high quality engineering design services and products that are developed using state of the art technologies and processes. Our development environment is structured to cultivate continuous improvement, which enables FirstPass to sustain a reputation for the delivery of defect free products and services.

FirstPass has passed multiple ISO-based quality audits by some of our most demanding customers, including Atmel, Northrop Grumman and Honeywell.


Database Security

FirstPass maintains high standards for protecting customer information.  Non-disclosure agreements are established with every customer, while visibility and access to project information from within FirstPass is managed on a ‘need to know’ basis.

  • ITAR compliant facility
    • Controlled data access
    • All personnel are US citizens or permanent residents
    • Developed within United States facilities
  • Standard security practices apply to all customers
    • Access to data restricted to those with a ‘need to know’
    • Fully encrypted transfer of customer data
  • Data transfer
    • FirstPass Secureftp
    • Encrypted file transfers
    • Separate directories, per project
    • Selective access and visibility
    • Data encryption (PGP/GPG, OpenSSL, others)
    • Encrypted email
    • Secure hardware to completely segregate data


Database Management

Successful product development requires a solid configuration management solution that incorporates revision control and problem reporting capabilities. FirstPass can either integrate into existing customer systems or can use trusted internal solutions.

  • Revision control
    • Subversion is FirstPass in-house tool
    • Experienced with Perforce, RCS, CVS, SourceSafe, others
    • Local or remote repositories
    • Various customer specific CM tools
  • Problem tracking
    • Jira
    • Bugzilla